CT51 Unisex (Yellow)*Heat Transfer Printing(Front & Back)


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Size Measurement

* Due to printing conditions, colours may different 5-10% from the actual product
* Size may different +/- 5% from the actual product
* Size may different from the same product series

Heat Transfer Printing

This printing technique transfers an image from one surface to another, permanently. It requires heat to be applied at the end to set the image.

(Size : A4 [210mm X 297mm] – Front and Back)

1. Fairly simple and it can produce high quality, complex designs.
2. It is also one of the best techniques for full color printing.

1. Slower than the other procedures.
2. It’s got limitations onto which type of fabric it can be printed.
3. Cannot be used on fabrics sensitive to high temperatures.
4. Could be some restrictions on reproduction of darker shades.


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